Ukuphilisia Amanzi - Unicorn

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West Country Water Park proudly announces its Platinum sponsorship of The Unicornfest Art Trail.

The Unicornfest Art Trail is a unique, family-friendly event that celebrates the magic and beauty of unicorns. The art trail features 60 life-sized unicorn sculptures individually designed and painted by some of the South West’s leading artists. Schools and community groups have also gotten involved with the trail, with 40+ smaller unicorn foals on display as part of the trail. The sculptures will be placed in prominent locations throughout Bristol and some across the wider South West area, creating a free-to-access trail that encourages visitors to explore the city and discover its many attractions.

As a sponsor of The Unicornfest Art Trail, West Country Water Park is excited to support this fantastic event and help unite the community to celebrate art, creativity, and imagination. West Country Water Park believes that events like The Unicornfest Art Trail are essential in promoting local culture and creativity and is proud to support this initiative.

The West Country Water Park team cannot wait to meet all the Unicorn hunters. Our new Cafe/Restaurant will be ready to serve you once you’ve captured a few pictures with the mythical creature, whose name is ​​Ukuphilisa Amanzi – Which means Healing Water in Xhosa, a native South African language.

The Unicornfest Art Trail will take place from 1st July to early September. Visitors can pick up a trail map from various locations throughout the city, which will be announced in due course, or download the app to their smartphones from the end of June. The event is free to attend, and visitors are encouraged to share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #TheUnicornfest.


Leukaemia Care - need all our help

The charity beneficiaries of the trail are Leukaemia Care, the UKs leading leukaemia charity. Once the trail has been concluded, all the large and small statues will be gathered at Propyard for a final farewell weekend before they’re sent to auction in early October to raise thousands for the charity providing care and support to individuals, families and friends affected by leukaemia and associated conditions. 

For more information about The Unicornfest Art Trail, visit the event website at https://theunicornfest.co.uk.