Jetski / Personal Water Craft

Available for private hire

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Jetski, Personal Water Craft, whatever you call it, come and play!!!

We are delighted to offer personal watercraft use at the West Country Water Park! Our state-of-the-art facilities are perfect for anyone who loves being out on the water on their Jetskis, PWC’s. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, our team is dedicated to ensuring you have an unforgettable experience.

Jetski / Personal Water Craft

Bristol's premier Jetski / PWC lake

Our main goal is to offer an unmatched, Safety first, Jetski / PWC experience in Bristol. Our lake is small by Jetski / PWC standards, but it is well laid out and our waterfront restaurant and cafe offer hot and cold food and drinks. Spectators can sit on the banks or walk around on our dedicated paths, taking in both nature and the sights and sounds of Jetskis / PWC’s blasting around the set course.

How does Jetski / PWC work at West Country Water Park?

When and How long can I Jetski / PWC?

Our offering for the 2024/25 season is simple.

The West Country Water Park is available for private hire starting from £500.00 for 2 people, 2 PWC’s, Jetskis, for 2 hours.

Passengers are allowed at an additional charge of £20.00 per passenger.

You may tow towables during your session.



Who can Jetski / PWC at West Country Water Park

Membership details

Jetski / PWC sessions are only available to members. All members will have to complete our induction and sign our waiver.

The induction process will be roughly an hour and cover some of the following:

  • All customers must show proof of insurance.
  • Understand our-
    • Risk assessment
    • Operational procedures
    • Emergency action plan
    • PWC inspection
    • All customers must sign an agreement that holds them liable for damages
    • Use our buoyancy aids unless we can certify that yours aligns with the UK standards applicable to this level; EN 393 or ISO 12402 – 5.
  • Riders must be 12+ and insured.

Members are allowed to use any Jetski / Personal Water Craft as long as they pass our checks and are insured.

Only members ride on our lake.

Which Jetskis, Personal Water Craft can be used

Stand up - Sit down - Kneelo

We would advise against using Jetski / PWC with engine sizes over 1200cc; however, we are taking a pragmatic view that riders taking passengers and or, experienced riders may enjoy our lake safely on larger craft. Our team will monitor the sessions and should anyone be deemed unsafe; our lifeguards will stop the session. This will end your session for the day irrespective of how long you have left in the session.


How do I book my Jetski / PWC Session?

Email shaun@westcountrywaterpark.co.uk to arrange a suitable date and time.

Jetski / PWC FAQ's

  • Do you provide life jackets?

    Yes. We provide all Jetski / Personal Water Craft users with life jackets. You must use our life jackets unless yours complies with UK standards applicable to this level; EN 393 or ISO 12402 – 5.

  • Can I hire a Jetski?

    We do not currently offer Jetski or Personal Water Craft hire.

  • Can I turn up and ride if I am a member?

    You must book online to avoid disappointment. We only allow 10 people on the water at a time, therefore only 10 people per session can book.

  • Can I pay a day member rate?

    We currently do not offer day memberships.

  • How fast can I go?

    We do not have a predetermined top speed. The lake is only 200m at its longest point, and as such most current Jetskis / PWC cannot reach their advertised top speeds, especially when it is busy as it gets choppy.

  • How much is membership?

    You will need to be a VIP member. Learn more here Memberships

  • How much is the launch fee?

    Launch fees start at £500.00

  • Can I launch my own Jetski / PWC?


  • Can more then 1 person ride at a time

    Two people can ride a Jetski / PWC, one driver and one passenger. The passenger must be above the age of 5. 

    If you have a 3 seater you may ride 3 up.

    Each passenger will need to pay the session fee.

  • Is there a set route to follow?

    Yes. We will ensure you understand this fully before starting your session.

  • Can we jump off and swim?

    Swimming is not permitted at anytime during Jetski / PWC session