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Welcome to our Grab n Go menu, see below what yummy food and beverages we have to offer!

This page is dedicated to give you an insight for the tasty treats and delicious bites you can indulge into.

See below for our selections of beverages that will quench your thirst and fulfil your needs. It is imperative we ask you kindly to please keep any external food offsite, we DO NOT allow any food to be brought onsite, if you have any queries please contact us.

Let’s talk Vegan, veggies and Gluten Free..

We have lots of food and beverages onsite, those including several tasty vegan and vegetarian options such as our delicious vegan chocolate cherry cake as well as veggie crisps! We often have yummy baguettes suitable for vegan and vegetarian pallets. We often offer delicious Gluten Free sandwiches. A customer favourite is the Gluten Free Belgian chocolate brownie! We are expanding our Vegan and Gluten Free options quickly, to ensure everyone can share the love and joy our grab and go bar offers.


We have a range of beverages such as Tea, Coffee, Luxury Hot chocolate, Soft drinks, Slushies & Alcohol! Whatever you fancy the day you visit us, we got you with our large range of beverages!

We DO NOT permit the consumption of alcohol before any water activity. Please respect this very important rule, safety is our number one priority and we have these measures in place to ensure everyone who visits the park is safe and in a comfortable environment.


Check weekly to see what new goodies we have at our Grab and Go!


We regulary stock a members favourite ROCKY ROAD! We have several options of tasty rocky roads to choose from. We have a whole range of  sweet treats and goodies to indulge in at our grab n go cafe!

Hey, before you stop reading… we heard they go down well after a swim with a tea or coffee!

Where we started...

Whilst setting up the West Country Water Park, Shaun was looking for a chef that would be as passionate about food as he is about water activities. One quiet sunny day, Fabien, a fellow South African, popped his head around the gate, and the magic began. Fabien looked for the kitchen or at least a building, but neither existed! Fabien believed that Shaun would find a building, install at least one kitchen and let him fly. (Fabien loves to fly RC Planes and real Planes FYI). Recently, Shaun finally delivered Fabien his “grab and go” kitchen, equipped with just enough to get his creative cooking juices bubbling. Now, you can join our story. Watching our menu expand as we build our offering and team.