We are delighted to work with many different partners, including local charities and activity providers

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Welcome to our 3rd Party Activity Program Partners and potential partners

We developed this program to embrace diversity and innovation through collaborative ventures. We can only do some things in-house and want to make our excellent venue available to as many service providers as possible.

In this dynamic program, we invite external entities, personal trainers, yoga instructors, gardeners, and unique watersports providers, like electric personal watercraft (Jetski), to integrate their special activities into our ecosystem.

This approach enriches our offerings and provides a platform for diverse talents to shine. Join us in redefining possibilities, breaking barriers, and creating a vibrant tapestry of experiences.

Welcome to a world where collaboration fuels endless possibilities!

Our Current Accredited Partners


Katharine Hughes


Immy Mcandrew

Want to become an accredited 3rd party activity provider?

Fill out the form below to begin your application.

We will then;

  1. Review your application and let you know if we will be proceeding with accreditation.
  2. Review your accreditation application and (if successful) issue a permit (The permit will hold your booking link as well as agree to the terms & conditions of your partnership)
  3. You must then review and sign the permit before operating on-site.

We look forward to working with you!

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