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Water Temp: 19.8° C
Wind Speed: 7 mph


We’re so excited to introduce Windsurfing at West Country Water Park. Not only can we offer state-of-the-art facilities and expert instructors, but our Windsurfing sessions allow you to try the sport using our amazing inflatable Wind SUPs with inflatable rigs.

Experience Windsurfing in Bristol

Wind SUPs and inflatable rigs

Wind SUPs and inflatable rigs are perfect for users of all ages and abilities due to their lightweight yet durable construction, which make them extremely easy to use. There’ll be no struggles trying to haul the sail up out of the water – it will simply float, and you can lift and control it easily.

To skip the queue you must sign a waiver before hand. This can be done before the booking is even completed. This waiver is good for all activities on the park and only needs to be signed once.

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Windsurfing Sessions

For all ages and abilities

We’re offering both Beginner and Intermediate Windsurfing Wind SUP + Inflatable Sail sessions, which will both be led by our amazing instructors.

The Beginner sessions will cover all the basics you need to know as a newbie to the sport using inflatable boards and sails, while the Intermediate session will use either inflatable or composite rigs and will focus on key areas to help you progress.

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Windsurfing FAQs

  • What is a Wind SUP?

    A Wind SUP is a paddleboard with a universal windsurf sail attachment in the top and will often have a central dagger board fin in the bottom which allows for upwind sailing.

  • What is Windsurfing?

    Windsurfing is a popular water sport that uses a wind propelled board. It’s considered a combination of sailing and surfing.

  • Can children participate?

    Children under 6 cannot participate. Children between the ages of 6 and 8 will need to be supervised by an adult on the lake. Children 12 and older will need a non-participating adult on site.

  • Are there any changing rooms?

    Yes, we have changing rooms on site, with shower and toilet facilities.

  • Do you provide life jackets?

    Yes. We provide a buoyancy aid for all windsurfing users.

  • Do you provide wetsuits?

    Yes. We have long wetsuits available. Select the wetsuit of your choice at checkout. You will be able to hire a wetsuit on the day if available.

  • Where is the Water Park?

    We are located just off the M4 in Bradley Stoke. You can get directions below.

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  • Do I need to book in advance?

    Yes. Booking is essential to secure your place.

  • How early should I arrive for my session?

    Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your session is due to start. We will not allow anyone onto the park once the session starts.