The history and inspiration behind West Country Water Park.

light rain
excellent bathing
water quality*
Water Temp: 12.2° C
Wind Speed: 9 mph

Our Story

Birth of the lake!

Where we began…

‘Mad’ Mike Thompson, Bristol born, a windsurf pioneer, had the foresight to create his very own lake to teach windsurfing to other water enthusiasts. In 1982, he did just that! He, along with others transformed the land into a beautiful clean man-made lake! The lake was used casually for paddle boarding, windsurfing, jet skiing and even once had a bungee jump for almost 40 years!

Fun fact: Mike windsurfed 75 miles across the English channel!

It took 4 months to fill the lake 30,000,000 gallons of water. Bare in mind, people thought it wouldn’t work and there would be no water source. They said Mike was mad for his vision!

Fast forward to 2021…

The lake is excellent bathing water, tested regularly for all to enjoy. Wether you’re a beginner or a pro in water sports or simply enjoy observing with a coffee, the lake is a special place for everyone when visiting. Mike hung up his hat after 39 years of continuous service to the water sports communities. Soon after, Shaun and Jenny acquired the park and invested in making it into an even more valuable resource for its users. 

Shaun has loved water sports from the tender age of 5 when he was living in East London, South Africa. His vision for the future is to make the park a safe and exciting place to host as many community-driven activities as possible.

Jenny is originally from Repton, Derbyshire and is the quiet but powerful force supporting the business with her strong background in financial accountancy and small business growth experience. She has recently begun cold water swimming, in just her costume, and can’t wait to share the experience with others. Jenny loves community events that bring people together, and West Country Water Park offers her many ways to fulfil her dream.

The pair combined, along with the team behind and face fronting the operation, have worked together to create a desirable destination for all! Our team has helped build the foundations to allow the lake to turn into West Country Water Park and for what this amazing environment can become. 

Flynn (12), Eloise (8) and Ralph (8), Shaun and Jenny’s children, are the chief product testers.  As a result, the park is a safe and extremely fun place for children of all ages and a wonderful place to relax on the water for everybody that visits. Safety is our number one priority and we take great precaution to make sure our operations are safe and run smoothly.