Simmer Style 2022/23 G6 Blackbird Wing Foil board 130L


The innovative design configuration combines generous volume distributed in a compact outline for an easy start and maximum stability while floating. The ultra-compact shape provides a quick and clean release and feels minimal when in flight mode. The design features forgiving bevelled rails combined with a step tail for efficient release and smooth touchdowns. Ride it strapless or use the multiple straps position to choose your preferred set-up.
The board comes standard with 2 x US Track. The 130L is also fitted with a Deep Tuttle box for seamless connection with your foil of choice.  Versatility is the name of the game with the Blackbird foil board. If you find a long rolling swell and a light breeze, you mount your foil and start to fly. The 110L and 130L are equipped with a mast base fitting for your windsurf sail, so you can either use a wing or a windsurfing sail to fuel your flight. Furthermore, the compact design takes up far less space in the car and is hassle-free to carry around.
Make the most of your time at the beach with a Blackbird foil board in your quiver.
The board comes with:
Fin Boxes: 2 X US Box Slots + Deep Tuttle
Technical Information:
Dimensions: 130L 6’2” / 186 CM 32 1/2″ / 82.5 CM
Volume: 90/110/130 L
Sail Size: 4.0-7.5 8.5 KG
The Blackbird Wing Foil board features an extremely tough and durable full epoxy, wood/glass sandwich construction for maximum durability and value.
A pulled-in nose, step tail design and bevelled rails for neutral touch-downs and to avoid catching in tight turns on the wave or in choppy conditions.
Outline & Volume Distribution
An ultra-compact shape for quick and clean release and absolute control during flight mode. Generous volume for an easy start and maximum stability while floating.
Windsurf Option
Two inserts for your windsurf base for ideal interaction with your foil of choice.

Delivered without any fins. These are available separately.

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Delivery or Collection:

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