Simmer Style Blackbird Surf 75 Foil


The Simmer Style Surf 75 Foil

Is a very efficient foil for Surf, Wing, and/or Windfoil.

The carbon front wing features a generous surface area, creating superb lift into flight mode, even at lower speeds. The Surf foil is available with three different options; large, medium or small. A shorter fuselage creates excellent manoeuvrability and very fluid performance in the surf. The 75 cm mast provides a lower centre of effort for a more controlled flight.

The foil comes with:

  • Transport bag,
  • Fittings
    • Front wing // 3 pcs M8 28 mm
    • Back wing // 2 pcs M8 21 mm
    • Fuselage to mast // 2 pcs M8 30 MM
    • M8 Torx tool
  • Torx tool.
  • Carbon Front Wing 2000 cm2
  • Carbon Rear Wing 310 cm2
  • Aluminum Mast 75 cm
  • Double Rail Base Plate

Blackbird Front Wing 2000 cm2  Large

The large carbon front wing addresses the needs of foilers who want to get going and keep flying in light-wind conditions.

Material // Carbon
Wingspan //  1000 mm
Chord Width // 295 mm
Chord Thickness // 28 mm
Area // 2000 cm2
Aspect Ratio // 4:0
Screws // 3 x M8 28 mm

Blackbird Rear Wing 310 cm2

Engineered with a flat profile combined with an 85 mm chord, the 310 cm2 Carbon Rear Wing gives ideal performance in the waves and on the flat. The adjustable fin slots allow you to tune the back stabilizer for either more lift or higher speed.

Material // Carbon
Wingspan //  480 mm
Chord Width // 85 mm
Chord Thickness // 8 mm
Area // 310 cm2
Aspect Ratio // 5:6
Screws // 2 x M8 21 mm

Aluminum Mast 75 cm

The Blackbird Aluminium mast provides an extremely strong connection between your board and your wings. The mast is manufactured from light-weight and extremely strong CNC machined high-grade aluminum, which is anodized for maximum longevity. The mast is compatible with both the Double Rail Plate and the Deep Tuttle connection.

Double Rail Base Plate

The Blackbird Surf Foil comes standard with a Double Rail Plate. But the mast can be fitted with several options to connect with the board including Tuttle and Deep Tuttle. All versions are securely fastened to the mast using three M8 45 mm flathead screws. The base plate is machined out of solid blocks of high-quality aluminum using CNC techniques to ensure that the geometry of the connection is perfect.

Delivery or Collection:

We can ship anywhere in the UK for £24.99 or collect for free from the West Country Water Park, Trench Lane, BS36 1RY, and we will give you a free session on our lake 🙂

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