RRD Wind Wing 4.0


The RRD Wind Wing W 4.0 is a new way to enjoy your time in the water. The main advantage is its extremely rigid structure given by a large leading edge and solid central strut combined with a relatively flat – V design providing an incredible boost of controllable power.

You’ll be surprised by its maximum power, With this win you can ride any condition and always have an unforgettable time as it has the widest wind range to allow you to have fun anywhere, anytime.

The 4.0 is for stronger most powerful rides. Packed in the smallest nylon ripstop backpack which in turn takes up minimal space when deflated and is simple and functional to set up. once unpacked this Wing quickly becomes a rigid frame ready to hit the water

The Wind Wing W 4.0 Features:

  • High visibility window to always have the ideal visual control
  • Quick Air Flow Valve, with special moulded protection cap and reduced dimensions
  • Dump valve on central strut to allow a super quick deflating time and easy re-packing
  • Light Safety leash with neoprene wrist band
  • Techno ForceTM Double Ripstop
  • 1strut construction with additional rounded Kevlar reinforcements on all exposed areas
  • 5 x Ergonomic comfort semi-rigid handles
  • 2 x harness line attachment points (harness line not included)
  • Delivered in a small and compact nylon ripstop backpack with external Pump carry pocket
  • Repair kit
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