O’Shea Women’s Halo Steamer 3.2 Back Zip Wetsuit


The “O’Shea Women’s Halo Steamer 3.2 Back Zip Wetsuit” has been designed with comfort and warmth in mind. It has been designed for use in water with temperatures from 18℃-25℃

If you are looking for an all-around high-quality wetsuit, made from high-quality eco-friendly materials at an amazing price this wetsuit is just what you are looking for.

The O’Shea Women’s Halo Steamer 3.2 Back Zip Wetsuit features:

  • a YKK back zip design, making entry and exit simple and easy even for the bigger swimmers who
    may otherwise struggle with the reality of the front zip suit.
  • Recycled Nylon laminate with 4-way high-quality super stretch fabric on the outside and high quality pull yarn on the inside
  • 100% Jako CR neoprene, which is made from Limestone based Chloroprene rubber and is Eco-friendly, Anti-Chlorine and Non-toxic. It is simply The Best!
  •  The back zipper is a plastic YKK#10, which offers a smooth silky motion and does not get stuck.
  • Advanced production nesting – almost zero waste

O’Shea is a brand based in the UK, founded and still operated by Farrel O’Shea who is the UK’s windsurf and outright speed sailing record holder.
O’Shea is inextricably linked to water sports. Every aspect of their products is thoroughly tested in UK conditions which is why we love and trust them.

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