O’Brien Ultra Screamer Inflatable Towable Tube


Are you looking for a fun tube where you can sail with up to three people? Then the O’brien Ultra Screamer might be for you! This funtube causes a lot of screaming and laughter.

The six handles with EVA knuckle guards allow the riders to adjust their position on the funtube to meet any challenges ahead. The flat deck makes it comfortable to lie on or kneel on, especially with the two EVA cushions under the arms and bodies. If you’re looking for a three-person tube, the O’Brien Ultra Screamer is definitely the way to go.


Features of the O’Brien Ultra Screamer include:

  • Up to 3 riders or 510 lbs
  • Quick Connect Tow System
  • Lightning Valve
  • 6 handles
  • Single chamber
  • Pull up straps
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