Our 2024 Work Experience Program

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What We Offer

Join us at West Country Water Park for an immersive work experience opportunity in Summer 2024. We offer a comprehensive program designed to provide hands-on insight into the operations of the hospitality and leisure industry. Any work experience program will be one week long consisting of 5 days of 8 hours each. We offer flexible times and days to best suit the employees schedules.

Diverse Learning Experience: Engage in tasks ranging from reception duties, cleaning, site maintenance, to shadowing lifeguards. Participants will gain practical experience in various essential aspects of our business operations.

Skill Development: Under the guidance of our experienced team, participants will develop valuable skills in customer service, facility maintenance, safety protocols, and more. This hands-on experience is an excellent addition to resumes and a chance to cultivate expertise in a real work setting.

Insights into the Industry: This program offers an invaluable glimpse into the standards and practices within the hospitality and leisure industry. Gain a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities in this dynamic field.

Who We're Looking For

We are seeking individuals who embody the following qualities:

Passion for Learning: Eager to gain hands-on experience and insights within the hospitality and leisure industry.

Adaptability and Responsibility: Capable of adapting to diverse tasks while demonstrating responsibility and reliability in a professional environment.

Strong Communication Skills: Effective communicators with the ability to collaborate well within a team.

Motivation and Commitment: Demonstrate enthusiasm and dedication for the program’s duration.

If you possess these qualities and are excited to explore the world of hospitality and leisure, we encourage you to apply for this enriching work experience opportunity.

How To Apply

To apply please fill out the below form