Night Glow Swimming

Swimming under the stars

overcast clouds
excellent bathing
water quality*
Water Temp: 18.7Β° C
Wind Speed: 6 mph

Night Glow Swimming, By Moonlight

Our night swims are an amazing way to end the day. Each swim is scheduled to align with the full moon each month, all year round! Bring your costume or wetsuit, you must have a bright swim cap and an illuminated tow float. Not to worry if you don’tΒ have one, we have caps and floats available for hire or sale if you want to keep your own!

Night glow swimming is a unique and exhilarating experience, providing opportunities to meet a community of like-minded individuals. Our team of friendly, fully trained lifeguards will ensure that you stay safe, relaxed, and comfortable throughout your experience. After your refreshing swim, our Lakeside Cafe is the perfect spot to refuel and relax.

The beauty and tranquility of the night sky can help you appreciate the world around you and feel a sense of gratitude for nature. Each moon swim has its own special name, and we hope to capture the spirit of each moon on the night.

This event is always busy so do book in advance.

Next Event Details

The Pink Moon Glow Swim

Friday 19th April 2024

The Pink Blossom Moon Glow Swim welcomes the enchanting arrival of spring with open arms. This moon was not named for its color but rather to celebrate the stunning pink flowers that grace the landscape as nature awakens, including phlox and various blossoms.

Join us for a night of magic as the Pink Blossom Moon Glow Swim starts from 7:30 pm and continues until 21:30 pm. It’s your opportunity to bask in the beauty of springtime, illuminated by the moon’s soft glow. Don’t miss this chance to embrace the splendor of nature’s rebirth!

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The Strawberry Moon Glow Swim

Friday 21st June 2024 10pm - Midnight

The Strawberry Moon was named as the berries began to ripen in North America and Canada, communities were inspired to name June’s full moon after them. With the sun due to set at 9:11pm the Glow Swim event will commence at 10pm and run until midnight.

The next Strawberry moon comes around on the 20th June 2024 where we will be swimming under the stars once again at West Country Water Park.

Past Moon Swims


The Snow Moon Glow Swim

Friday 23rd February 2024 7pm - 9pm

A simple moon to name, due to the rate of snowfall this time of year. The glow swim begins at 7pm and will run until 9pm.

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