Summer Solstice Sunrise Swim

overcast clouds
excellent bathing
water quality*
Water Temp: 18.6° C
Wind Speed: 6 mph

When is it?

The Summer Solstice is an event steeped in history and tradition, It marks the longest day of the year and for thousands of years people have gathered to watch the sunrise at dawn. This year we at West Country Water Park are honouring this tradition by hosting our first ever sunrise swim.

The sun will rise just after 4:30AM on Wednesday 21st June. So join us then and swim towards our east bank where the rising sun will glisten in the sky.

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Who can swim with us?

Our regular terms and conditions will apply to this event;

  • All participants must be 9 or older (All 9-15 year olds must be supervised on site)
  • All participants must be able to swim
  • All participants must wear a brightly coloured swim cap
  • All participants must wear either a tow float or wetsuit