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Scout Packages

Why book a scout package?

Our scout packages are designed to challenge an engage children from the ages of 9+. Providing carefully trained and highly competent staff from lifeguards to instructors we offer a type of education that you can’t get from a classroom.

Scout packages with West Country Water Park are designed for groups up to 120 participants.

If your party is more than 120 please email: hello@westcountrywaterpark.co.uk

Food options are also available; Choose between either a Barbecue or a Munch box. Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan options are all available for both options.

Single Activity Packages

Aqua Park Packages

Aqua Park Packages

At West Country Water Park, we offer school groups a unique opportunity for an educational adventure like no other. Our Aqua Park offers an engaging environment where students can combine fun and learning. As they navigate the challenges of our Aqua Park, students develop essential physical skills, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities, all while building lasting memories.

Our Aqua Park offers a safe and picturesque setting for school outings. Our experienced staff prioritise safety and ensures students are equipped with buoyancy aids and are properly lifeguarded throughout their journey. Give your students a memorable experience that fosters camaraderie and enriches their educational journey by choosing West Country Water Park for your next school group outing. Fill out the form attached below for more information.

Paddle Boarding Packages

Discover the beauty of Bristol from a whole new perspective with paddle boarding at West Country Water Park. Perfect for school groups seeking an active and memorable adventure, paddle boarding offers a unique blend of outdoor fun and physical activity. Students will learn balance, gain confidence on the water, and explore our picturesque surroundings while creating lasting memories.

Our paddle boarding experiences provide a safe and serene environment for school outings. Our knowledgeable instructors ensure a seamless and enjoyable adventure for all skill levels. Whether it’s a team-building day, a reward for hard work, or simply an opportunity to connect with nature. For all school groups paddle boarding includes an instructor and board hire (recommended one between 2 for younger groups or one each for older children)


Dual Activity Packages

Aqua Paddle Board Combo: This is the best option for groups of 30-120 participants. This is a combination of both the Aqua Park and paddle boarding or kayaking.  The board sport of choice also includes an instructor on the lake to help instruct the participants and also play paddle board related games.


Add Ons

Enhance your experience

Jumbo SUP Hire

Elevate your school’s water-based outings by adding our jumbo stand-up paddle board to your booking options. With the capacity to accommodate up to nine participants, this jumbo paddle board offers a fantastic way for students to bond, build teamwork, and explore the water together. It’s a unique and thrilling addition to your school’s activities, ensuring that your students create lasting memories while engaging in group adventures. Make your school bookings even more exciting and memorable with our jumbo paddle board – because learning should always be fun!


Ensure a comfortable and safe experience for your students during activities in colder conditions with our O’Shea wetsuits. Specifically designed for warmth and ease of movement, these wetsuits are an ideal addition to your school booking. They allow your students to fully enjoy water-based sessions without worrying about the temperature. Our wetsuits are a must-have for any school looking to provide a secure and enjoyable aquatic experience.

Lunch Options

Enhance your school group’s experience with our delicious lunch options. Choose between our BBQ spread or our munch boxes, both of which cater to various dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices. Our BBQ option offers a mouthwatering selection of grilled delights that will satisfy every appetite, while our munch boxes are perfect for those looking for a quick and easy yet nutritious meal. We understand the importance of accommodating dietary needs, ensuring that every student can enjoy a satisfying and wholesome lunch. Make your school outing complete by adding these scrumptious meal options to your booking, allowing everyone to refuel and recharge before their next adventure.

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