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Have you always wanted to Open Water Swim?

Have you always wanted to Open Water Swim but found the whole idea daunting? Would you like a helping hand?

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Grant Rees of Planned Fitness Goals.

What can I expect from a coached session?

Open Water Swimming under expert supervison

Grant is a fantastic Swimming coach and will take you through each aspect of Open Water Swimming step by step.

  • Each session lasts for 45 minutes
  • The session starts with a discussion before entering the water,
  • Then short warm-up and a review of your shoulder mobility – key for swimming.
  • We discuss safe entry into the water and enter the water
  • Video analysis of the starting position – it is so important to understand your current stroke and any changes we need to make
  • Coached drills following the initial video analysis
  • Coaching session
  • 2nd video analysis following the coached session – this shows the progress we’ve made during the sessions.
  • Follow-up email with details from the coached swim session
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About Grant

Who is Grant Rees?

As a Swimming coach, I want to help people experience the fantastic world of Outdoor Swimming. I use all my experience and knowledge to remove the barriers and concerns of Open Water Outdoor Swimming.

I am a father of three girls and a triathlete. I get immense pleasure from teaching people to swim efficiently and to get the most from their time in the water.

I love open water swimming and I hope I can help you enjoy it as well.

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I want to Open Water Swim, what next?

Swim Coaching at West Country Water Park

Grant Rees of Planned Fitness Goals is our trusted 3rd party Open Water Swimming Coach provider. West Country Water Park take the bookings and facilitates the sessions.

Once you have booked, you will receive a booking confirmation email. The email will contain Planned Fitness Goals’, “Planned Fitness Goals Open Water Swim On-boarding Form WCWP v1.0.pdf” form. Please fill out the form as soon as you can so Grant can be prepared for your session. If you don’t get it done before the session, Grant will run through it with you during your session.

The form is available for download here: PFG Open water swimming onboarding doc WCWP v1.0

Or fill it out online below.

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Fill out the Pre-Coaching Form once you've booked

This will also be sent to you in your booking confirmation email.